About Jakob Engblom and this blog

This blog is a personal blog, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions and positions of my employer. These are my personal writings on topics that interest me, and that often have nothing much to do with my day job.

I am currently working at Intel, as a Product Management Engineer for the Simics full-system simulator. Until January of 2016, I as was at Wind River doing product management and marketing for Simics.  I joined Wind River in early 2010, when Intel and Wind River acquired the start-up Virtutech. Prior to Virtutech, I was with IAR Systems in Uppsala, doing compilers. While at IAR, I obtained a PhD in real-time systems from Uppsala University. I have worked with embedded systems and development tools for embedded systems since 1997.

For more CV details, list of publications and presentations, etc., see my static homepage.

This blog’s main topics are:

  • Computer simulation & virtual platforms – both the technology and its applications
  • Embedded and real-time computer systems, including Internet-of-Things
  • Hardware design, as it touches virtual platforms
  • Product management and marketing perspectives
  • Multicore computers & programming
  • Links to blogs I wrote at Wind River

Within this topics, there is a mix of general observations, commentary, reports from conferences and trade shows, notes about articles I have read and articles that I have written, comments on blog posts in other places, and anything else that is relevant.

There are also off-topic posts about travel, transportation, and personal technology issues


One thought on “About Jakob Engblom and this blog”

  1. Dear Jakob
    Thanks for document written by you;

    I read the document, but I could not understand Figure 1-1. In document it is saied “Figure 1-1 compares single- and dual-core implementations of the MPC8641. In a single-core configuration, raising the frequency by 50% roughly doubles power consumption; however, dual-core increases power by only 30%. ”

    However, the figure does not show this conclusion. Which one is true?

    –Hamid R. Zarandi, Assistant Professor
    Tehran Polytechnic University

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