Cancelled Flights…

I am sitting at the Hyatt close to SFO writing this, hoping that my flight home will work today. I was booked on a Lufthansa flight to München yesterday which was cancelled. And the next available flight was the very same flight today. It is the late evening flight out of SFO to München, which I used since it gives a full day of work over here in the Silicon Valley without an extra hotel night. The obvious disadvantage is the lack of later backup flights in case something goes wrong. So here I am, at least 24 hours delayed. At least they put me up in a nice hotel, but only 30 USD as food compensation does go overly far here in airport land. Visited the Burlingame area, small bonus. Well, at least it is not as bad as the story Simon tells on his blog. Yet. It is not over until I am actually home.

The irony of their logo: … “there is no better way to fly”. Yes there is, and it is called actually flying and not canceling.

3 thoughts on “Cancelled Flights…”

  1. My problems were also (mostly) Lufthansa-related, and if I learned anything from this it’s this: Next time I will *really* try to fly directly to USA from Sweden – an hour delay from Stockholm to Frankfurt gave me two airport hotel nights…

    Anyway, I guess it would not have helped you. I hope you’ve got home without further delays now!

  2. My strategy is always to fly directly from Europe to wherever I am going. No change of flights in the US. Has worked quite fine until now…

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