Off-Topic: Voxel Graphics at Legoland

Legoland is full of cool and interesting Lego models, built from millions and millions of Lego bricks. The creations don’t have too much in common with the standard Lego kits sold in stores. Rather, they are advanced uses of Lego bricks that look like something from the real world — especially at a distance. Up close, they are very blocky and not as smooth and polished as regular Lego models.

Essentially, they are voxel graphic representations that must be very hard to plan and execute.  The standard single-stud 1×1 Lego brick is their smallest unit, or maybe its 1/3 height flat version. Here are some examples that I photographed in Legoland during my visit this Summer.

Airbus A380, close to the entrance:

If we look up close at the nose, we see the stepping of voxels very clearly:

The wing roots show how the wings are constructed:

I also really liked this Volvo XC90 that I found in one of the town displays. It uses a few more types of elements compared to the big Airbus. I am not so sure about the way they do the windows, but maybe the murkiness is just due to its having been outdoors for a few years. It is interesting though that you immediately recognize this as a Volvo, which is a great testament to the Lego designers.

Another car is the Citroen found on the canalside in Amsterdam:

A typical example of the large-scale animals and people present all over Legoland:

Finally, a Danish flag in a very traditional Lego flat style:

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