Wind River Blog: Interview with a Virtualization Researcher

Past Friday, I posted a new blog post in my Wind River blog. It is an interview the PhD student Girish Venkatasubramanian from the University of Florida. He is doing research on virtual machines/hypervisors and how they can be implemented more efficiently by making fairly small changes to the architecture of memory management units.

The area of virtualization is one that I would definitely have looked at as an opportunity had I started out as a PhD student today. The work of his group is a good example of how Simics is being used for research and teaching in universities around the world.

Going one level up in abstraction, I note that this is probably the first time I have published an actual interview. I have been active in writing things since high school, but it has pretty much always been direct writing, not interviewing.  However, I really hope that this is not the last. Having a series of user interviews on the Wind River blog could be really neat, as a way to dive deeply into some particular areas of technology. Will be interesting to see if any other university user is interested in being featured.

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