Wind River Blog: “IMA on Simics”

I have a fairly lengthy new blog post at my Wind River blog. This time, I interview Tennessee Carmel-Veilleux, a Canadian MSc student who have done some very smart things with Simics. His research is in IMA, Integrated Modular Avionics, and how to make that work on multicore.

I made some cocky comments about just how stupid the current implementations of this idea are a few years ago, but in my discussions with Tennessee I have realized that things are not that simple. Essentially, you are caught between the structures and strictures of the certification agencies, and the complexity of the hardware with its many shared resources making predictability and programming very difficult.

It is a field which touches to my old work on WCET, but with a target system that is much less amenable to analysis. I still think it is a good idea to try to use seas of simple cores and separate work physically rather than virtually, but that might be a battle that will never be won. If nothing else, even on a massive spatially-divided multicore device, there will be some shared resources that make life difficult when very low levels of jitter are tolerated.

Read the interview, and read Tennessee’s own blog – he has done some pretty cool things both in hardware, software, and virtual hardware.

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