Wind River Blog: Interview with Intel Users of Simics

Intel is a big Simics user, but most of the time Intel internal use of Simics is kept internal. However, we recently had the chance to interview Karthik Kumar and Thomas Willhalm of Intel about how they used Simics to interact with external companies and improve Intel hardware designs. The interview is found on the Wind River blog network.

It is also my last blog post written at Wind River; since January 18, I am working at Intel. I am working on ways to keep publishing texts about Simics and simulation, but the details are not yet clear.

One thought on “Wind River Blog: Interview with Intel Users of Simics”

  1. Wow you are scoring big with your move to Intel. After all for Intel was cheaper to buy you than purchasing another license for Simics 🙂 It makes sense like this. Also just a handful of chip hardware companies could use a product like SImics ( your main work ) . Well keep up the good job and posts wherever you are. Salutari.

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