Article on Cloud-Based Virtual Labs and Why you Want Them

simple cloud iconelectropages logoThere are still some articles being published that I wrote while at Wind River. The latest is a piece on just what you could do with a lab in cloud – in particular, a lab based on virtual platforms like Simics. Eva Skoglund at Wind River and I wrote this together, and it is a nice high-level summary of why you really need to have a virtual cloud-based lab if you are doing embedded systems development. It is published in the online European magazine Electropages.

A Lab in the Cloud is indeed offered by Wind River, as the Helix Lab Cloud product. Free to try and free to use, with a premium offering for more features and targets. It is a pretty nice little setup that we built last year, and there are some really interesting things you can do with Simics-based simulation in the cloud, in particular in the collaboration area.



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