Kindle App on Android: Turning off Annoying Page Curl

kindle-app-curlA recent update to the Amazon Kindle app on my Android devices introduced a severely annoying page curl animation when flipping through pages in a book. This unnecessary animation slows things down and disrupts the reading flow, or at least that is my opinion. It was really hard to find any kind of help on the Amazon pages or elsewhere on the Internet for how to turn it off. I finally figured it out, and here is how I did it so that other people with the same problem can search and find a solution…

The setting is found from the hamburger menu on the top-level of the app. There is no way to get to this menu or the settings from within a book, as far as I have found. Step 1 is to get back to “Home”. Once on home, click the “hamburger menu”.


Once there, go to the “Your Account” : “Settings” you find quite some way down:


And there we have it:


Putting the Settings for the app behavior under “Your Account” is not terribly intuitive. Logically, they should have put in an “App Settings” item reachable from the menu in a book too…  Even more interesting, it seems this setting has to be set on each device. It is not an Account-wide setting from what I have observed.


7 thoughts on “Kindle App on Android: Turning off Annoying Page Curl”

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  2. Thank you so much. This feature has been driving me crazy, especially since I couldn’t find a way to turn it off.

  3. What do you do if you want to keep the page curl ? I think it’s cool!

  4. My irritation is the continuous scroll. I prefer the page curl but dont know how the continuous scroll pops on once in a while. I know how to turn it on and shut it off i just wish there was a way to disable it permanently.

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