Intel Blog Post: Getting to Small Batches in System Development using Simulation

I have posted a two-part blog post to the public Intel Developer Zone blog, about the “Small Batches Principle” and how simulation helps us achieve it for complicated hardware-software systems. I found the idea of the “small batch” a very good way to frame my thinking about what it is that simulation really brings to system development. The key idea I want to get at is this:

[…] the small batches principle: it is better to do work in small batches than big leaps. Small batches permit us to deliver results faster, with higher quality and less stress.

Which is a quote from a Communication of the ACM* article from 2016 by Tom Limoncelli. How do you get to that when developing hardware, where the question can be boiled down to this:

The answer  is to simulate it!

Due to the length and depth of the discussion, it turned into two parts.

Update: Due to changes in the Intel publishing system, the URLs to the blog posts changed in late 2021.

Part 1 is about the general principle:

Part 2 is about how simulation is used:

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