Talking Checkpointing in SystemC at the SystemC Evolution Day 2017

inThere will be a session on checkpointing in SystemC at the upcoming  SystemC Evolution Day in München on October 18, 2017. I will be presenting it, together with some colleagues from Intel. Checkpointing is a very interesting topic in its own right, and I have written lots about it in the past – both as a technology and it applications.

In particular, back in 2008 or so I worked with Marius Monton from Greensocs on a prototype where we managed to checkpoint some SystemC models by rather severely restriction how they were written. As well as hacking away at the kernel to save and restore its state. This year, we hope for something a bit more robust… But I guess some topics never go out of style.

The SystemC Evolution Day is co-located and coordinated with DVCon Europe 2017. DVCon Europe has turned into the best venue for virtual platform-related discussions in the world, so I plan to be there too.

Some more notes and an infographic on the uses of checkpointing can be found on the Intel Developer Zone (IDZ) blog post that I just published about our participation at the SystemC Evolution Day:

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