Intel Blog Post: Running Large Workloads on Simics – in 1998 and 2018

I have just released a new blog post on my Intel Developer Zone blog, about how Simics runs large huge workloads. I look back at the kinds of workloads that ran on Simics back in 1998 when the product first went commercial, and then look at some current examples running on Simics.  This is the first post in a series intended to celebrate 20 years of Simics as a commercial product.

The workloads back in 1998 were databases, and the workloads in 2018 are also databases. They are just some 1000x bigger in terms of memory needed. The operating systems used back in 1998 were Linux 2.0 and Solaris 9, today we are looking at Linux 4.x-series kernels generally.  Over the years, Simics has actually become significantly faster, thanks to technologies like JIT and VMP. Lots of interesting comparisons can be made between then and now – and I do!

The blog post is at



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