Intel Blog Post: Interview with Bengt Werner on the Early Days of Simics

Bengt Werner was one of the first people to work on the simulator that would become Simics, way back in 1992. On my Intel Blog, I published an interview with Bengt a while back where we discuss the early days of Simics and the original product vision and use cases.

Much of the vision has remained remarkably intact – building a fast simulator to run real software as a primary driver, along with features like checkpointing and determinism and a modular architecture.  The main use case changed in an interesting way:

Although we pitched Simics as a cache analysis tool in our research collaboration with industry, it was soon discovered that this kind of a tool is a great help when developing software, in particular parts that interfaced hardware.

Read the whole article to read more of Bengt’s insights and recollections from the pre-commercial days of Simics.

This is probably the last post in the series of “Simics 20 years”, since the birthday of the commercial product was around June last in 1998.

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