Eclipse Linux Kernel Indexing Works

Edited on 2009-Feb-01, to include the link to the illustrated guide that really helps you get there faster. Thanks Simon! Also, promoted to front page, original post was put up on 2008-Nov-09.

Thanks to Simon Kågströms post (and the even better second-generation with screenshots) about using Eclipse for the Linux kernel, I have a much nicer work environment now for my ongoing work in learning Linux device drivers on PowerPC, which has helped me work my way through several hard-to-figure-out system calls. Here is a screenshot that I found pretty cool… the tool has found the definition and comments for the IRQ registration function:


I had to rebuild my indexing from scratch in the past weekend, and as a result, I have a word of warning: you have to create a “C project” in Eclipse, if you accidentally create a “Project”, the Eclipse workspace file will have the wrong name (.project instead of .cproject), and the autoconf-to-eclipse script will not work.

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