DVCon Europe 2022 – Come Join us in München in December

The Design and Verification Conference (DVCon) Europe is going to be in-person in München again in 2022. After two years of virtual conferences, we are going back to the Holiday Inn where we have had so many great events in the past. The conference takes place on December 6 and 7. The call for papers, tutorials, and panels is out now, with a deadline in May!

The is conference takes place about a month later than usual, since there are apparently many events planning to go back to in-person this fall. It was simply hard to book the venue. I guess this time means we can go and enjoy the München Weihnachtsmarkt. I say “we” since I am on the steering committee for 2022.

What is DVCon Europe Like?

DVCon Europe has been one of my most regular conferences since I joined Intel. It is a great conference to talk with other practitioners and researchers in system design and verification, including my favorite topic of virtual platforms. You always learn something new, see the trends in the semiconductor industry, and invariably find some cool and unexpected papers. The breadth of the submissions is impressive, and it is a true European meeting spot for design and verification.

See some of my reports from previous years to get a sense for what comes up at DVCon Europe:

Welcome sign for DVCon Europe 2018, last time that I attended in person (missed 2019 due to my cancer treatment)

SystemC Evolution Day

The SystemC Evolution Day (no agenda published just yet) has been accompanying DVCon Europe since 2016 (and the person in the leftmost photo is actually me, presenting at the event). Though not formally a part of the conference, quite a few of the conference attendees stay on and go to the SystemC Evolution day as well. The topic area of SystemC standardization and evolution is a pretty natural adjunct to the design and verification field.

Call for Papers

The call for papers is out now, with a deadline of May 23, 2022. An initial submission is fairly small, just a couple of pages, which makes it a fairly low-effort conference. The final paper is still going for a more common eight pages.

The conference also calls for tutorials, which are a great way to present some work in more depth, and for companies to showcase their technologies. I did one on modeling with Simics at the 2021 DVCon Europe, which was a lot fun!

There is also room for a panel or two, and organizers are invited to submit a proposal.

While DVCon Europe has traditionally been an industry-driven conference with an emphasis on papers and presentations from practitioners, we definitely want to see more contributions from researchers and academia. It my experience, the best conferences are those when industry people and academics can meet, as well as people with a more research approach and those doing very practical work.

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