Elektroniktidningen Magazine Article about DML

The November 2022 on-paper magazine from Swedish electronics news site Elektroniktidningen features an article I wrote about the Device Modeling Language (DML). Among many other really good articles.

Update: The article is now available online in HTML format.

Cover of Elektroniktidningen 11/2022

The article is currently only available to subscribers to the paper magazine (subscriptions are available for free under certain conditions). It will appear in the free online archive once the following issue of the magazine has been published. It is now available online at https://etn.se/index.php/69612.

Pretty happy with how it turned out in layout in the end.

The article from the magazine, displayed on a table and photographed. Resolution intentionally low to not give away the contents.

I got a complementary copy of the magazine, and it positively impressed me by just how good it was. Multiple quality articles, especially dealing with developments in Sweden and the Nordics (in the area of electronics). Stuff you usually do not find anywhere, not in the normal press, nor the business press like Dagens Industri, and not even in the stalwart Ny Teknik.                           

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