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flowerI don’t know if anyone has noticed, but I have finally managed to put a custom icon on the RSS feed for this blog. It is a larger version of the icon used as “favicon” for this blog and I got the idea from the RSS feeds reader on my SonyEricsson G900 phone, which showed a few feeds with icons, but most with a generic icon.

Here is what I saw, see how BBC and SR P1 Ekot stand out:


After some web searching and poring over, I managed to find a utility that would indeed customize my feed for me. The aptly named “Feed Image” plugin does the work needed, and it seems to allow both an icon for the feed and a larger banner for title. I have used the same image for both, as I saw no effect of any setting for a while.

But yesterday, I noted that on my phone, I finally got the custom image working! And it is also working in Firefox, finally. I do not know what has changed or what has timed out in the meantime, but now it does seem to be working.

How it looks on my phone:


And in the Firefox RSS display:


Mission accomplished.

Notes on SonyEricsson G900 Screen Capture

To take the screenshots on the G900 phone, I used the freeware program “TOSC version 0.3“.The download location that works is the link in this blog post:

TOSC puts the captures as png files on the top level of the memory stick memory in the phone:


Annoyingly enough the PC sync file manager software for the G900 will not display files, only folders. Thus, on the phone, I used the file manager to move the files to the “Pictures” sub-directory and only then could I copy them from the phone onto my PC for further use in this blog post. Or I can send them to the PC over bluetooth, which was a more convenient solution in the end.

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  1. You can use ImageView’s directly or use the ImageViewBuilder to create them. Basically you will need to swap out the rectangles in the code with ImageViews. You could do the same with any other node, for example MediaViews or WebViews.

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