Off-Topic: My Phone wants a vacation in Greece

maps-48x48I have installed Google Maps on my trusty SonyEricsson G900 (last of its kind, unfortunately, as UIQ is shut down and SE is moving to Nokia S60 etc.), and I find it an almost too fun and useful toy-tool. However, today, something really funny happened. For some reason, when asked to display my current location, it decided that I was in Northern Greece — to within 5000 m.

Try 5000 km. I was in middle Sweden.

Here is a screenshot of the mislocation:

capture0018 capture00181

I think the culprit is that the 3G coverage for Telenor around here is less than ideal, and the phone backed down to GPRS. As soon as 3G coverage got back (i.e., I moved a few meters indoors), I was back to a more reasonable location:


I guess that should tell us something about being overreliant on technology. Sometimes downright weird things happen when you pile on enough software and protocols and servers.

Or it is just a hint that despite the warmth of Spring finally arriving around here (there is still snow and ice to be found in the deeper shadows of the forests), my phone has decided that it is time to hint at a vacation in a warmer climate.

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  1. I noticed something similar the last time I was in Sweden. Google maps had been reporting my location correct to within several meters for most of the trip until I got to Arlanda Airport at which point I was in central Rome to with in 5 m. Now my notion of Swedish geography may be sketchy but I’m pretty sure Rome is in Italy and not a 20 minute train ride from central Stockholm.

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