Marketing a Paper Magazine with a Podcast

I just found a fairly interesting podcast that offers a nice example on how do marketing for paper-based magazines using digital ephemeral technology. The ancient warfare magazine has a podcast that accompanies each issue, where a set of history buffs discuss around the theme of the current issue of the magazine.

I think this is an excellent way to promote the magazine, as it provides a hook that is for free for interested potential readers, and also a natural push for getting the magazine when they mention “for more details, please see the article so and so in the current issue”. At least to me, that is perfectly fine.

It also resembles the use of conference talks to promote books, where you also point to the published paper edition for more details and in-depth coverage. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is a model for the music industry as their goods lack that kind of depth…

Now, if only I had time to actually read the magazine… but I might buy some issues to read in a few years time when the kids are a bit older.

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