Cadence Industry Insight: “Virtual Platforms Unite HW and SW”

opinionAnother Cadence guest blog entry, about the overall impact of virtual platforms on the interaction between hardware and software designers. Essentially, virtual platforms are a great tool to make software and hardware people talk to each other more, since it provides a common basis for understanding.

My entry is called “Virtual Platforms unites Hardware, Software Engineers“, and is presented by Richard Goering (who used to be with SCDSource), in his “Industry Insights” section of the Cadence community of blogs. Richard Goering has a personal post pointing in the same direction, about EDA tackling embedded software. Worth reading.

Note that I do not say that hardware and software engineers should use the same programming languages as a result of using virtual platforms. Programming languages efficient for hardware design are quite different from those efficient for virtual platform creation, which are in turn different from good software engineering languages.  In some cases, some of them coincide, but in general, I believe in using the best tool for each job, and a programming language is just a tool. And the more designed it is for its task, the better. Some older posts of mine on this topic:

And there is the ChipDesign article from last year about using virtual platforms in the hardware design process all the way out to customers.

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