Downloadable Book about Embedded Multicore

freescale-logo-iconFreescale has now released the collected, updated, and restyled book version of the article series on embedded multicore that I wrote last year together with Patrik Strömblad of Enea, and Jonas Svennebring, and John Logan of Freescale. The book covers the basics of multicore software and hardware, as well as operating systems issues and virtual platforms. Obviously, the virtual platform part was my contribution.

It is one of the more comprehensive introductions to how to think about and use multicore architectures in the high-end embedded space. It is free to download and print, but if you want a printed copy, such can be ordered at a price of (I am told) 15 USD (did not try it myself).

The PDF is at .

It will also be linked from the “Documentation” section for most Freescale multicore chips’ information pages.

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