Power Architecture Rip Van Winkle

For some reason (I guess it is the job…) I was browsing through the Power ISA version 2.06 specification last week and hit the following gem of an instruction: “rvwinkle“. It is named after a short story I had never heard about, but which apparently is sufficiently well-known in the US literary canon to warrant a sleep mode being named after it.
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Off-Topic: Facebook in “English (Pirate)”

I admit to using Facebook more recently… I used to feel “what is the point”… but now I might be starting to see it. Anyway, a Facebook friend pointed out that you can set the UI to a language called “English (Pirate)”, which is pretty funny in use.

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Off-Topic: Funny Map of the US

I found this very funny advertisement in an in-flight magazine recently, for the Norwegian business daily Dagens Næringsliv. To understand it, you probably need to know a Scandinavian language. Essentially, the message is that “reading DN contributes to a deeper understanding of the world”.

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Off-Topic: My Phone wants a vacation in Greece

maps-48x48I have installed Google Maps on my trusty SonyEricsson G900 (last of its kind, unfortunately, as UIQ is shut down and SE is moving to Nokia S60 etc.), and I find it an almost too fun and useful toy-tool. However, today, something really funny happened. For some reason, when asked to display my current location, it decided that I was in Northern Greece — to within 5000 m.

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Off-Topic: Hilarious: MS Songsmith

Since I am slow to follow Internet fads, I am probably the last blogger on the planet to write about this… but it is too good not to mention. Microsoft research has created a brilliant or nutty piece of work called Microsoft (Research) Songsmith. The idea is pretty cool in theory, just sing into a microphone and the program creates background music matching… except that it does some pretty hilarious things when put to the test.

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