CoWare SystemC Checkpointing

gearsContinuing on my series of posts about checkpointing in virtual platforms (see previous posts Simics, Cadence, our FDL paper), I have finally found a decent description of how CoWare does things for SystemC. It is pretty much the same approach as that taken by Cadence, in that it uses full stores a complete process state to disk, and uses special callbacks to handle the connection to open files and similar local resources on a system. The approach is described in a paper called  “A Checkpoint/Restore Framework for SystemC-Based Virtual Platforms”, by Stefan Kraemer and Reiner Leupers of RWTH Aachen, and Dietmar Petras, and Thomas Philipp of CoWare, published at the International Symposium on System-on-Chip, in Tampere, Finland, in October of 2009.

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SAAB no more

saabIt is the end of the road for SAAB. As a Swede, it feels sad (and a bit scary) to see a part of our industrial heritage go down and end. It lasted a bit more than 60 years, but now the  manufacturing of cars called SAAB has ended for good. But to be quite honest, it is hard to see how things could have gone differently. The closing of SAAB cars must have been considered inevitable for the past ten years or more. There will be lots of finger-pointing in the coming weeks, with the opposition parties trying to smear this on the government. However, I don’t see what the government could have done other than possibly postpone the inevitable.

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Power Architecture Rip Van Winkle

For some reason (I guess it is the job…) I was browsing through the Power ISA version 2.06 specification last week and hit the following gem of an instruction: “rvwinkle“. It is named after a short story I had never heard about, but which apparently is sufficiently well-known in the US literary canon to warrant a sleep mode being named after it.
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MCC 2009 Presentations Online

UPMARC_700x150The presentations from the 2009 Swedish Workshop on Multicore Computing (MCC 2009) are now online at the program page for the workshop. Let me add some comments on the workshop per se.

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