Parallel SystemC Simulation

I just found a recent paper on the topic of parallel simulation of computer  systems. Christopher Schumacher et al., published an articles at CODES+ISSS in October of 2010 talking about “parSC: Synchronous Parallel SystemC Simulation on Multicore Architectures“. Essentially, parallel SystemC.

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Two Perspectives on Modeling

When I started learning about virtual platforms after joining Virtutech back in 2002, the guiding principle of our team was very much one of “model just enough to make the software happy – and no more”.This view was fairly uncontested at the time, and shared (implicitly or explicitly) by everybody developing virtual platforms from a software perspective. There is a second perspective, though, from the hardware design world. From their viewpoint, a model needs to be complete. Both views have their merits.

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Photoshop Scalability and “-10% overhead”

I just finished reading the October 2010 issue of Communications of the ACM. It contained some very good articles on performance and parallel computing. In particular, I found the ACM Case Study on the parallelism of Photoshop a fascinating read. There was also the second part of Cary Millsap’s articles about “Thinking Clearly about Performance”.

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