Intel Blog: How to Boot Linux on Virtual Platform

Booting a software stack on a virtual platform is a necessary part of most software flows. It might seem simple, but in practice there are many different ways that it can happen.

In a recent Intel Blog post, I go through five ways to boot Linux on virtual platforms. Including the cases of doing it just like the hardware, but also how to “cheat” and directly boot from a kernel without first wrapping it in a disk image or similar.

Intel Blog: How Simics Executes Instructions

I recently added a blog post to the Intel Software blog about how the Intel Simics Simulator executes target-software instructions. The blog post appeared just before DVCon Europe (last week) and I did not have time to put a reflector here earlier.

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Intel Blog: Public Simics RISC-V Simple Virtual Platform

The 2023-19 version of the Public Release of the Intel Simics Simulator added a simple RISC-V virtual platform. This is the second architecture supported by the public release, after x86.

I will be producing a series of blog posts to show a bit of what the you can do with this virtual platform. The first Intel blog post talks about system-level simulation use cases, in particular networking and simulating x86 and RISC-V systems together.