Off-topic: “Vit” is here again for another summer

Slottskällans vitThis is way off-topic and not very relevant to anyone located even remotely far from Uppsala. But my favorite summer beer is back for another season.  Slottskällans Bryggeri here in Uppsala (in which I was a shareholder in an earlier incarnation before the reconstruction a couple of years’ ago) has once again decided to a run of “Vit“, their local idea of a German-style Weissen. It is a perfect summer beer, and a good beer any time of the year. Get it while supplies last, seems to be fairly limited in production.

Slottskällan is a true microbrewery, despite recent increases they are still producing only enough to cover the Uppsala and Stockholm markets, and some special orders from some places more distant. Their customer list is a good hint for good places to find their good beers.