Setting the Font in Windows 11 “Terminal”

I finally got updated to Windows 11 on my work machine, and suddenly I have to figure out how to use Windows 11 for real work. The redesigned start menu is terribly bad compared to the Windows 10 variant. What is nice though is the new Terminal app, along with the quite pleasing Cascadia font. However, I found the default size of Cascadia to be a tad big. Which lead to the question: “just how on earth are you supposed to control the font on this thing?” The font adjustment is probably the least logical I have ever found, and without some help from the Internet I would never have figured out. So here is how you do it.

Where are the Settings hiding?

Based on experience with old CMD the obvious place is to right-click on the default tab header. That does not work:

But what is hiding over there on the right? A plus, and a down-arrow! That does indeed lead to settings (with obvious vagueness about just how the settings apply to any particular tab vs globally). Actually, kind of logical and preferable to right-clicking on the titlebar in old CMD style.


Settings have an “Appearance” tab. Logical place to look. Lots of settings here related to how things look:

Where is the font?

No font settings! That is not expected.


The place to go look is under “Defaults”. Makes no sense to me. Underneath “Defaults” there is a second “Appearance” menu.

You can always have more things called “Appearance” in the settings. Who could possibly be confused?


Finally, the Font settings can be found.

At least it can be set

Final Words

I hope this helps other people find the settings… it annoyed me to no end that it was this hard to find. It seems the idea is that each type of tab can have its own font and color settings, so therefore these aspects are adjusted for each Profile. The Defaults apply to any profile that have not set up something specific.

Custom look for CMD – including giving it a unique font

Logical in a way. But why not let us jump directly from a tab to its settings? Such as right-clicking on a tab providing a way to go to the settings for the profile associated with it? Or have an indication in Appearance that there are more appearances hiding elsewhere?

The “Retro” effect is a bit of fun though:

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